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                地址:江苏 无锡

                当前位置: 首页 > 公司简介 > 关于我们



                并与2014年在中国无」锡成立了研发销售中心,金士威人以科技为先导,以“产品和服务实现顾客价值∑ ”。专业生产汽车润滑油、齿轮油、制动液、发动机冷却★液,尿素混蛋水溶液、工矿用油及特种油品的专业企业。


                英国金士威润滑油以其良好的【质量,到位的售后服务,深得不覺得社会好评,并拥有一定的市场份额并◤被多家4S店指 心底暗喜定为售后服务用油。

                公司秉承“科技、节能、专业、诚信”的企业精神,提倡创新,汇聚人才,努力构建执行力强的高效团队,公司奉行“市场来自质量,信誉重〗于泰山”的经营理東西念,与广ω 大业界同仁携手共进真诚合作


                British jinshiwei Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, the company headquarters is located inEngland Northamptonshire Davenport vertical Royal Oak business district. The production of various kinds ofautomotive and industrial lubricants, is a research and development, production, packaging, sales as one of themodern enterprise group.

                Jinshiwei people with unique vision, innovative ideas into the Asia Pacific market in 2000.

                And and 2014 in Wuxi, China set up R & D and sales center, jinshiwei to science and technology as theforerunner, a first-class products, first-class service, in order to "products and services to achieve customer value".Specializing in the production of automobile lubricating oil, gear oil, brake fluid engine coolant, urea water solution,industrial and mineral oil and special oil professional enterprises.

                The British jinshiwei Petrochemical Company is committed to become the international oil service leader insuccession. Company initial investment 1.2 billion yuan, the introduction of six advanced automatic filling line, thepulse production of harmonic and DOS smartphone operating system, with base oil storage capacity of 15000 tons,the production capacity of 15 million tons, nearly 500 brands production 19 kinds of lubricating oil products.

                British lubricants with its reliable quality, perfect after-sales service, won the praise of the community, and has acertain market share and a number of well-known 4S shop positioning service oil.

                Companies adhering to the "technology, energy saving, professional, honest" spirit of enterprise, to promoteinnovation, gathering talents, and strive to build a strong and efficient team to perform, the company adhere to the"market from the quality, reputation is weightier than Mount Tai" business philosophy, and the majority of mycolleagues in the industry to join together and sincere cooperation, create a brand, the achievements of theinternational classic jinshiwei dream.

                Only customer success, we have the development. We sincerely welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss cooperation to create brilliant.


                板式换№热器, 扩口机, 常州工作服等人進入了這大門之中,, 非标刀具, 冷隨后臉色一變库全套设备, 扩口机, 牛仔布, 常州代理记账, 钢绞线 称重模块, 道路护栏, 常州样本九彩劍芒轟然籠罩了下來设计, 常州电梯维■修, 牛仔布, 热轧滑轮 非标隧道烘箱